Why Modern Dumb Phones are Dumb

Published: Wed Dec 02 2020

As yes, the modern dumb phone. When you see someone flip one of these bad boys out in public, you just have to look! The memories of typing with that classic T9 word. Flipping (or sliding) open the phone to answer a phone call. So epic, so classic, and now with 4G!? As must as they will take you back to the good old days of 2005, the current state dumb phones are in is an absolute disaster. This is what I've learned after 2 years in the dumb phone world.

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Don't Use a Smartphone

Published: Tue Nov 20 2020

Back in 2018 I wrote an article explaining why I went back to using webOS. It talked about how my iPhone broke and I finally had the opportunity to use a Palm/HP device. This experience only lasted a year due to some carrier issues but it changed my take on cell phones entirely. Since the phone was so old, only a few things worked - mostly thanks to the awesome community. This left me with a sort of semi-smart phone. It didn't have social media but I could use the web a bit and get my email. Most importantly not having tons of apps and features really made me "wake up" to the reality of things: People are being controlled.

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Concerns with Linux

Published: Tue Nov 17 2020

A few months ago I was poking around on a Debian system just for fun and wanted to install GNU Emacs. On the core install GTK isn't installed by default, so I fired up apt to pull down the program and it's insane amount of dependencies. When I saw the number of dependencies, I was shocked! I've built Emacs like a hundred times now and never needed all that. I was curious and began to look through the depends to see what's up. To my surprise, I found tons and tons of unneeded programs and libraries, especially webkitGTK, which I have never needed for Emacs. Especially because Emacs is an editor not a web browser. "Interesting," I said, "there could be hundreds of programs installed and no one would ever know…" This thought made me take a deep look at the current state of GNU/Linux and here's what I've found.

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Why I Changed the Site's Build System

Published: Thu Apr 16 2020

I started off this website in Common Lisp then to org-mode and now finally to a mixture of the two?! Well, okay, not really a mixture - more like a semi-similar adaptation. Okay, that's not really true either… Lemme just explain it simply: the new build system using Emacs org-mode, make, and a small Fennel script. Why is this better than using plain old org? Let me explain…

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Dragora, a Philosophy of Life

Published: Thu Jul 05 2018

As many of my friends and family know, I volunteer for the Dragora Project, an independent fully-free GNU/Linux distribution. Dragora is a very important part of my life because it opened up a new way of thought for me. Not just in my computing life but also in my day-to-day life. This new way of thought is fairly interesting and something that I find quite valuable.

Dragora as a concept comes in 4 parts: freedom, independence, community, simplicity. Each of these parts are valid concepts in computing but also in personal life, as I've found out. Let's unpack.

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Back to WebOS

Published: Mon Jan 22 2018

Recently my iPhone SE has been having some problems - big problems. The phone itself runs fine and has no issues handling iOS in general or any apps I wish to run. It's practically still brand new in that sense. However, somewhere within the power/lock circuity there seems to be a malfunction causing the screen to lock and unlock at random. Although very annoying, it was still usable for few months.

Enter the curse of 2018! The is practically useless now. It locks/unlocks so much that I can't even accept a phone call. Due to this tragedy, I was forced to find another cellular device.

Replicant was my first choice. I plugged in my SIM card and … nothing happened. Turns out either Replicant 6 has a bug or the phone's SIM reader is broken. Either way, I had to ditch the idea because I didn't to get a working phone quickly.

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Any Browser and Why it's Important

Published: Mon Jan 22 2018

You've come to the site of a web developer (me) and were shocked. You immediately thought: "Lol, why is his site so old looking? This isn't the 90s!" Due to my prediction abilities, I foresaw this happening, thus, this article was born. Read More…

Why Org?

Published: Sun Jan 07 2018

There are a ton of options when it comes to creating a website; from designing it to picking tools for it to hosting it, there is a plethora! As a professional web developer, I know this first hand. In fact, there is a painful sickness called JavaScript Fatigue that effects tons of developers because there are so many friggin' options! Given all these choices, why on Earth did I choose to use org-mode to create this site?! Read More…