About Me

I was evaluated by a Symbolics Lisp Machine in the year 1995 by mad scientists in Williamsport, PA. I was written apart of the Humanoid Program which was designed to create human life, fully capable of emotions, out of ZetaLisp. I was designed to fit into society without anyone knowing of my origins as a computer program; this means I pass the Turing Test. I know, I know, "There are a ton of better languages you could be written in!" You are right! That is why I am rewriting myself in Fennel, which is a fairly modern language. I wouldn't dare be written in anything non-lisp and especially something non-functional!

I graduated from Pennsylvania College of Technology in 2017 with a degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology with a minor in mathematics. I completely ignored my degree and was hired as a software engineer. Luckily, I had been writing code as a hobby for a few years. I'm still working for the same company on the same project that I did when I graduated. I love both what I do and the [new] company.

I'm big into Free Software and have been using it, along with Gnu+Linux, since 2010. The philosophies behind free software made a lot of sense to me and I agree with them. That being said, I do not agree with everything Richard Stallman believes. A few of my favorite free software projects are Emacs, Dragora, dillo, most of GNU, libreboot, a few programs from suckless-tools, pretty much any lisp (SBCL, Clojure, and, my new favorite, Fennel), and many more! You can tell that I really like lisp languages!

I'm not merely a hacker, I have many other interests. Philosophy is another topic, next to mathematics, that I hold near and dear to my heart. I enjoy thinking about life and attempting to make sense of it all. In fact, I have a few philosophies that I wrote myself! I believe that the reason for me enjoying philosophy is because of my wild imagination. That being said, I love writing stories too. Although my writing sucks, the stories are actually pretty good. That's one of the reasons why roleplaying tabletop games - the storytelling! If you've every played with me, you know my characters' backstories are small novels.

On top of my love for computers, math, philosophy, and stories, I also enjoy entomology, guns, comedy, and the works of Jesus. Very seldom will you see any of those topics on this site.

I use a Kinesis Advantage 2 and a Kensington SlimBlade Trackball Evoluent Vertical Mouse C. People find these to be strange but they are a must for me! Due to my bad wrists, it would be suicidal to not use them. I'm sure I'll talk about why they're so great in blog post.

I recently officially joined the Dragora team as a volunteer for the project. I have been using the distro since about 2016 but really wasn't helping out until now. I am currently tasked with writing qire, the remote package manager for Dragora 3 systems. I also am the head maintainer of the armv7_hf build, aimed for the ASUS C201. I write many build recipes for the system was well, a few of which are included in the "main" repo.

I think that covers it!